In 2016 Big Blue Sky’s focus is on leveraging what we already have in abundance and discussing outcomes that have the potential to create centres of excellence for the Gold Coast whilst positively impacting the whole community.


As always our intention is to bring our City together as one to tackle the challenges and opportunities that effect us all in a post industrial fast changing world. We do this to ensure the future for our children and our grandchildren, whilst also maintaining the beautiful environment in which we love to live.


Moonshots enable us to collectively design a future that incorporates the best of what we have with the emergent and unknown – in a way that completely captures the founding DNA of this City.




Setting the framework for action


Celebrating the outcomes from Big Blue Sky 2016


Big Blue Sky’s purpose has always been to create projects that emerge from the participants during and post the annual event.


Great projects were conceived from our inaugural event in 2015. Some of those projects are in action, some are in incubation.


We will start with a celebration of the projects and collaborations that have occurred since Big Blue Sky 2015. We will also announce projects that are in early stage development and invite collaboration and co-creation.


We are also about bringing to light and celebrating great initiatives from business, education, and community. We will have a special celebration to honour the amazing talent that lives in our city.

Models of Collaboration


Our core belief is that the city is filled with amazing people who actually do want to collaborate on Moonshot type projects but until Big Blue Sky have not had a convening and co-ordinating mechanism that enables healthy and happy collaboration.


We also believe that the future of business is collaboration. But how to do this well?


This segment will show you how to reorient your ways of engaging with the world of business and community under the guidance of world experts in peer-to-peer organisation and Relational Design.

Confirmed Presenters


Michel Bauwens – World expert peer-to-peer design, collaboration systems design

Christine McDougall – Co-founder, Big Blue Sky. Founder 2:23am

Joshua Vial – Founder, Enspiral (New Zealand)

Ben Pole – Economic Development, Ipswich City

New Models of Finance – An Experiential Challenge


Forget Pokemon Go. We are going to play human monopoly for the year 2020, where you become a living representative in the global game of enterprise finance. Want to know the pro’s and con’s of venture capital. Learn through a living challenge. As close to the real thing as we can get. It will be fun. Fast. Scary. Thrilling. Disturbing. Exciting. Very provocative. Highly educational.


We will engage in a challenge to explore models of human value and exchange that may reorient your ways of engaging with the world of business and capital. Into this mix will be thrown examples of disruptors and disturbers that means you will need to recreate financial options on the fly. An unexpected Brexit. The collapse of a sovereign economy. One of your board members engaging in a little insider trading.


Think of it as a Global Economic Design Challenge that at minimum will increase your literacy of large scale economic engineering with local application.

Challenge Lead

Richard David Hames – CEO, Centre for the Future

Facilitators and Advisors

Michel Bauwens – World expert in peer-to-peer networks and collaborative systems design

David E. Martin – Founder, M-Cam. Architect of the CNBC Innovative100 index and the 2016 CNBC Disruptor 50.

Christine McDougall – Co-founder, Big Blue Sky. Founder 2:23am

Joshua Vial – Founder, Enspiral (New Zealand)

Joan Johnson – Facilitator

Financial Innovation


Everyone says that the need for money is a roadblock — but there’s actually no shortage of money in the world today. How can we as a community build new models of finance, banking and insurance that enable local-economy resilience and flourishing? Think this is not possible? Our panel will show you that it is. Following from the mornings challenge process you will be far more versed on the possibilities.


One of the Moonshots we are working on is to create Australia’s first Credit based bank prototype here on the Gold Coast, where local citizens can invest in local businesses and see their money at work right were they most care about it. This also means our Gold Coast economy will be more circular, able to withstand upsets at the global and national level.

Confirmed Panel Members

Michel Bauwens
Joshua Vial
Leanne Kemp

The Gold Coast is Australia’s most active city, recognised internationally as a leading sport and recreation destination, by 2020.


South-East Queensland is a breeding ground for some of the best sports people in the world. We are creating potentially the highest per capita population number of elite athletes than any other region anywhere. By working strategically and collaboratively with sports science, human performance, psychology, technology, infrastructure, sports tourism, the Universities, sports organisations and athletes to have the Gold Coast be known world-wide as the leading sports destination.
This is the Moonshot. We need everyone to work together on this goal, with the aim to have this strategy firmly in place prior to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth GamesTM so we can be ready to seize the momentum our Games will create.
We are designing a cross disciplinary panel to ensure all avenues are considered.

Future Models of Education


If innovation and entrepreneurship are the buzzwords for our future economy and 50% of our current jobs do not exist in the future, how is the Gold Coast education system preparing to be a world leader in change whilst ensuring our children are capable of the practical necessities of life?


This Moonshot will look at what we can do within our current system to create young people who are natural problem solvers, who think for themselves, ask great questions, know the meaning of being a local and global citizen, can make things, build things, collaborate, innovate and be healthy, active contributing members of the community.

Confirmed Panel Members

Shaylene Langford

City with Heart – Social Innovation


As our city develops toward 2050, how as community and business participants can we ensure nobody gets left behind?


They say that communities can be measured on how we treat our animals and commons spaces. Vibrant communities consider the whole. People with physical, emotional and mental challenges, people from different backgrounds and cultures, people who find themselves in hardship for any reason, people who have not had the advantage of education, health care, and social integration.
Social innovation is needed, with engagement from all  levels of community.


Working in partnership with one of the Gold Coasts largest employers, FSG, with decades of experience in social justice, we are creating a panel to inspire the best of our community to ensure no person or animal is left behind as we grow into 2020.

Confirmed Panel Members