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Learn more about the amazing Big Blue Sky team who are bringing this event to life
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Christine and Lou always knew our City had remarkable people who wanted to contribute to the Common Wealth of our community. We are constantly in awe of the people who show up to volunteer for Big Blue Sky. The diversity of skill and talent enables us to co-produce this wonderful event with ease and joy. If you want to be part of this team send an email to with ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line.

Dr Christine McDougall

Co-Founder, Big Blue Sky


Dr Christine McDougall has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams from around the world, including in companies such as Nokia, Johnson and Johnson, ANZ and NAB. Known as a systempreneur, she has convened and underwritten international events that have created fields of action to support the healthy emergence of humanity through the present and future exponential disruption of systems, organisation, work and life.

Louise McGregor

Co-Founder, Big Blue Sky


Why Not?


In an industry full of buzzwords and dizzying amounts of spin, Lou stands apart with a clarity, focus and strength of character that is unparalled. With a specialism in Branding, Lou’s depth of thinking spans across industries ranging from entertainment and tourism to retail, marine, banking and commerce. From the boardrooms of Virgin Money and Commonwealth Bank to the minds of the students she has had the privilege to teach across the globe , Lou’s vision and tenaciousness have empowered those working with her to release their own perceived status quo and ask… ‘why not?’


Lou’s deep love for her two homes – the Gold Coast and the UK have greatly influenced her personal and creative life. She currently lives on the beach in Surfers Paradise with Iain and her two children Morgan and Sophia.


Why Big Blue Sky?


“There are both business and personal reasons for why I needed to work with Christine and Iain to bring Big Blue Sky to life:


From a business perspective, I strongly believe we need to re-write the next chapter of the Gold Coast by speaking in a tone that demonstrates an understanding of our intelligence, capabilities and creativeness across our City. We need to be more mindful of what is occurring around us.


I think systems are changing and the pattern of working in silos and turning to the same people within our own industries to try and solve the same problems is become obsolete. Imagine if looked further afield to what other industries were doing, the innovations they were creating and collaborated so the knowledge and outcomes had multiple benefits across multiple industries.


There are solutions to everything. But if we keep knocking on the same doors we’re limiting our resources and capacity for better thinking.


From a social level I’ve always been curious of why, as a society we accept the status quo. Why do we buy so heavily into the notion of wanting/needing BIG STUFF so much that we consciously build our societal and social framework around this model e.g. we wear the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of owning our own home (I.e. getting into shit loads of debt) as if it were a badge of honor and necessity of life.


At the same time, par from a few, we retract, shrug our shoulders and turn away from living, breathing things that have a pulse, a heartbeat, that are actually real, that have meaning. We often place emphasis of ‘stuff’ over our health, our future, and our compassion for other people and most sadly our individual capacity to positively change the lives of others that really need us.


So to me Big Blue Sky is two-fold; its about changing the language of our City so we can stand up and be proud whilst co-creating projects that have real meaning and positive impact on our future lives of real people; starting in our own City and stretching across the globe.”

Meet our wonderful, amazing team

Big Blue Sky Team

  • Ashtara-round
    Ashtara, Astrologer
  • Navdeep Pasricha -round
    Navdeep Pasricha – Teen Entrepreneur at iYouth
  • JoanJohnson-round
    Joan Johnson, MBA, CAHRI
  • RossHoneyman
    Ross Honeyman
  • Katie-Littman-round
    Kylie Littman
  • Paul Williams-ROUND
    Paul Williams – Photographer
  • ChrisCooper
    Chris Cooper
  • Beryl Ley round
    Beryl Ley
  • Rachel Baker round
    Rachel Baker
  • Michele_Garden_round
    Michele Newport
  • Max-round
    Maxime Ducker