Aluna Dreaming


Aluna Dreaming envisions a world where people appreciate that their bodies and minds respond to frequencies of sound and light and naturally realign themselves. A world where the genre of music called Transformational Soul Sound is a commonly sort therapeutic tool for wellness.
Barbara Prestia and Angela Smith are two classically trained singer song-writers living on the Gold Coast, SE Queensland, Australia. Together Angela and Barbara formed Aluna Dreaming, an ever-evolving, family of musical performers who together share their love of the beauty of music. They embrace an enlightened and eclectic genre of music that demonstrates the transformational power of vibrational energy through purity of voice and instruments.
Aluna Dreaming are passionate about their music and it reflects the depth and heart of their souls. They know the healing power of the music they produce and it’s ability to transcend emotional, mental and physical imbalances in those who hear them.

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