Danny Maher

Taking the Gold Coast to the World

CEO Opmantek 

Gold Stevie Award Р2015 Australian CEO of the Year

Opmantek is the world’s leading open source network management software company. Over 60,000 organisations use Opmantek products globally. Every 6 minutes a new organisation implements an Opmantek product.

Opmantek is a public company (ASSOB:OMK) with headquarters in Australia, incorporated subsidiaries in a number of countries around the world and an extensive network of partners.

Opmantek’s flagship product is NMIS (Network Management Information System). NMIS was the first Network Management System in the world to be released as Open Source Software (in 1998). NMIS v8 can be freely downloaded from Opmantek’s website (www.opmantek.com)

In Jan 2013 Opmantek acquired Open-AudIT (www.open-audit.org) one of the world’s leading open source network discovery and audit packages.

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