Dr Chris Davis – General manager Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University

Dr Davis graduated from Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast. After completing a trade apprenticeship he then attended university and obtained an undergraduate degree majoring in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Griffith University in Brisbane, followed by an honours degree and PhD in synthetic medicinal chemistry from Griffith University on the Gold Coast. For 2 years he worked in a biotechnology start up company developing anti-bacterial drug candidates he co-invented during his PhD. Following the trade sale of that company he worked for a commercialisation company in Brisbane seeking venture capital investment to enable the development of new drug and vaccine discoveries together with licensing of drug and vaccine technologies to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. In 2009 he then returned to Griffith University as General Manager of the Institute for Glycomics. Dr Davis is a member of the Gold Coast Advisory Council, member of the Institute’s Executive Group and member of the Institute’s Standing committee. Outside his University employment he is a volunteer in the Rural Fire Service and works with Firefighters Qld in a fundraising capacity.

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