Geoff Wilson


Geoff is an adventurer, entrepreneur and family man with a passion for the wild places. Some of Geoff’s adventures include, standing to charging elephants at age 12, having a machine gun held to his head in Egypt at 18 while crossing the Sahara on bicycle, sailing around the world with his family escaping pirates (twice). Geoff also holds the record for the first Sahara Desert crossing by kite power – 2450 km 2009, the fastest crossing of Antarctica solo unsupported (53 days 2014) and is also the holder of the record for the longest solo unsupported journey ever by an Australian in the Polar regions.

Geoff is passionate about reinvigorating Men and Women for an adventurous life, stirring a zest within for a life of purpose and his story is bound to challenge you, inspire you, and bring out your wild side within !