Hassan Khan – Founder and CEO Quantius Canada

Hassan Khan is the founder and CEO of Quantius, and is a passionate believer in the merits and future potential of small and medium sized knowledge based companies. He is committed to the path of finding ways to direct more talent, energy and capital away from the financial sector and towards these industries, as well as help develop our next generation of successful, civic minded, business leaders. Hassan excels at fueling innovation, building great teams, identifying clear strategies and compelling stories for organizations to rally around, and then driving world class execution.

While in the Army, he built his leadership foundation through heading progressively larger teams in time constrained, adverse conditions where success was a national priority and failure meant loss of life. During this time he developed entrepreneurial technology solutions for new digital capabilities needed in conflict regions like the Former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan; created integrated communications capabilities for security and emergency response agencies to cooperate for events like the G8 and BC forest fires; as well as developing new software applications platforms to handle increased capacity and virtual training needs for the Canadian forces. In 2005, he was recognized for his performance as the #1 ranked Signals Captain in the Army and promoted to Major. His service culminated in him leading all the IT and telecommunications support for the Canadian Forces trades training and directing technology policy for the Army, Navy and Air Force in central Canada.

Hassan’s next challenge was with the global consultancy, McKinsey & Company. He served the leadership of emerging market companies and countries achieve growth in their technology related sectors, and developed investment strategies for institutional investors focused on innovative SMEs in these markets. Hassan’s work also covered multi-billion dollar objectives for Fortune 100 clients across business and investment strategy, strategic technology partnerships, capital governance optimization, as well as Lean IT and operations transformations. He was fortunate enough to have the chance to help corporate leaders step change their businesses with new technology disruptors (e.g., Big Data, Cloud) across high tech, telecom, finance, healthcare, defense, biotech, and natural resources sectors in over 15 countries and 50 cities.

A computer engineering graduate from the Royal Military College of Canada, Hassan currently resides in Toronto and is an active mentor to young professionals working in tech, finance, defense and government; and manages to occasionally squeeze in time to travel, scuba dive and do Crossfit.

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