Joan Johnson, MBA, CAHRI

Joan Johnson has 25 years experience with inspiring clients to lift their game … to become more proactive problem-solvers and leaders within their families, communities and places of work … to see themselves as agents of positive change, rather than passive recipients of other people’s decisions and ways of working.

Joan challenges each one of us to find our own way of making a contribution … proactively, in a way that is both inspiring to us as individuals and also fits within our personal realities (i.e. – family obligations, work commitments, etc.). In fact, her recently launched program “The Contribution Project” is all about this.

Joan Johnson is Director of Ubuntu Projects, Pty. Ltd. – A mindfully constructed OD consulting, leadership development and coaching practice, based on the Gold Coast, and serving clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2004, she has worked closely with clients such as Oxfam Australia, Australian Council for International Development, CBM Australia, Plan International Australia, World Bank Australia, and others, to develop and support effective management practices, and to build critical reflection and emotional intelligence skills amongst their staff. Previous experience includes 7 years in the field with the U.S. Peace Corps as both volunteer and training director, and 5 years as associate faculty at the University of Wisconsin in the U.S.

With this long history of contributing to government and not-for-profit agencies, as well as individuals in transition, Joan has coached hundreds of people to find proactive, life-enhancing solutions appropriate to their context.

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