Leeton Lee


Leeton Lee is Bundjalung Dunghutti man on the Aboriginal side of his Family and Mualgal man from St Pauls village Moa Island Torres Strait. Leeton uses acrylic paints and paints both glow in the dark paintings and 3D paintings. His paintings are a mix of the earth colours with the salt water colours of the sea and modern colours also. His painting journey began in early 2013 and he is developing his art continually. He has reproduced his artwork using fabrics and clothing, bookmarks, greeting cards and homewares. His paintings are both stories that have been told to him and also stories of his personal journey. Leeton is also a professional didgeridoo player currently working with Aluna Dreaming and has performed at some high profile events. Leeton is on a life journey to revitalise his culture and learn the old ways of making weapons, tools and instruments as well as bush medicine, foods, tracking and using natural materials to make string, baskets, fish traps, shelters and more. Working with youth he hopes to continue knowledge and culture for the next generation.

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