Dr Richard David Hames – CEO Centre for the Future

Recently described by Forbes Asia as one of the smartest people on the planet, Richard is considered to be among the world’s most influential futurists and philosopher-activists. An Australian citizen, educated in Europe, and until recently domiciled in Asia, Richard has been honoured with numerous awards including a French Government Scholarship, a Leverhulme European Fellowship, the Mondadori Professorial Fellowship and the inaugural Lord Attlee Fellowship.

Richard is Chairman at Hames McGregor + Partners, President of the Asian Foresight Institute in Bangkok, and an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science. In July 2015 he accepted the position of founding executive Chairman at Centre for the Future – a global enterprise focused on finding practical solutions to Buckminster Fuller’s challenging question: How can we make the world work for 100 per cent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous co-operation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?

Formed in partnership with some of the most insightful thinkers of our time, Centre for the Future is leading a 100 year mindful uprising of leaders everywhere – helping them to revitalise or reinvent systems that are collapsing under the weight of a population now exceeding seven billion people. The Centre’s core purpose is to define, design and curate a viable world-system within which the truest expressions of what it means to be human can be realised. Richard has worked for many years as a strategic adviser to institutions and multinational corporations in the USA, Europe, UK, China, Japan, India, South Africa, Brazil, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand and advises governments on all aspects of the future. He is a Board member of several start-ups, a regular contributor to the Intelligence Unit at The Economist, and personal mentor to Heads of State, cabinet ministers, entrepreneurs and some of the world’s most innovative CEOs.

A compelling public speaker and celebrated writer, Richard is author of the best-selling book, The Management Myth: Exploring the Essence of Future Organizations. His second book, Burying the 20th Century – New Paths to New Futures, was published in 1997. Richard contributed a chapter entitled, Requiem for the Nation State in Reforming the Public Sector (ed. C. Clark and D. Corbett, Allen & Unwin, 1999) and was a key contributor to Rewiring Organizations for the Connected Economy (Jossey- Bass Pfeiffer, Los Angeles, US. 2002). The Five Literacies of Global Leadership (John Wiley & Son, London, 2007) was the result of ten years of research and argues a case for jettisoning many of today’s leadership orthodoxies in order to liberate collective wisdom. Open Heart – Open Mind and Heresies: Essays on the Future of Humanity both focus on the reinvention of society and its institutions. Richard’s sixth book, Dancing with the Future will be available in late 2016 and is about the viable reinvention of humanity’s most life-critical systems.