Sam Hughes – City Of Gold Coast Active and Healthy Programme

Current role
Senior Active Parks Officer – development and implementation of the City’s Active and Healthy Lifestyle Program over the past ten years.
Vice President Active & Healthy Alliance Gold Coast Inc
Passionate advocate for community based sport, physical activity and wellbeing

Bachelor of Health Science – double major in Exercise Science and Sports Management/Marketing
Project management and frontline management
Coaching and fitness training – athletics, netball, running

Growth of the City’s Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program – delivering over 170 activities weekly across the city, partnerships with over 100 small businesses and community organisations, school holiday programs and event and expo management

The recognition by Council of the role that local government plays in the overall well-being and health of the city can be attributed to the success of this Active and Healthy Program. Imbedding the importance of maintaining the City’s Active & Healthy lifestyle for future generations

Development of the City’s Active & Healthy Alliance Gold Coast Inc
Peak body for the sport, recreation, fitness and wellness industry on the Gold Coast. The Alliance aims to improve the levels of physical activity of Gold Coast residents and in doing so, become one of Australia’s most active and healthy cities – leading the way to a healthier community and a community of best practice in the sport, health, fitness and wellbeing industry.

Securing over $1000000 in external funding to support community members to lead more active and healthy lives

Delivery of numerous events and programs designed to encourage our local community to improve their physical activity and overall wellbeing

Involved in delivery of an active and healthy legacy for the City for the Commonwealth Games 2018