Will Marcus

Sustainability is the New Black

Principal and Managing Director of the ARGO Architects Pty Ltd

Will is the Principal and Managing Director of the ARGO Architects Pty Ltd and has over 33 years continuous experience as an architect and 23 years as a master planner. Will is also Director of Planning and Development for the Vihara Foundation, dedicated to raising people in India from poverty through a restructured cooperative agricultural land use program.

Will’s special areas of expertise are in truly sustainable architecture through the implementation of the Blue Global Economic model, which factors humans and human activity into a “Green” environmental methodology. Will is also practiced in, social equity planning, place making and restoration of the natural environment to its original function. Will is registered with the Board of Architects in Australia and a member of the Queensland Cemetery and Crematorium Association, regularly giving papers at industry conferences on place making, master planning, aquatic and funerary architecture and most recently as key note speaker in Vale, Colorado on Master Planning.

Will is recognised as a leading innovator in the design of funerary and aquatic facilities and master planning, having won several significant international and Australian awards for design excellence and environmentally sustainable project work.

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